Date Venue Location
11.02.17 The Contemporary Jewish Museum San Francisco, CA Tickets
10.29.17 The Space Salem, OR Tickets
10.21.17 Bomb's Away Cafe Corvalis, OR Tickets
10.20.17 The Projection Museum Portland, OR Tickets
10.20.17 Mid-Valley Mutations Radio Salem, OR Tickets
10.17.17 Cryptatropa Olympia, WA Tickets
10.14.17 Gallery 1412 Seattle, WA Tickets
10.13.17 Selector's Records Vancouver, BC Tickets
09.23.17 Wax n' Cats Oakland, CA Tickets
09.10.17 The Lovecraft Portland, PDX Tickets
04.29.17 Modular Square Paris, FRA Tickets
04.28.17 Spektrum Berlin, GER Tickets
04.26.17 Niko Matcha Brussels, BEL Tickets
04.23.17 Humboldthain Club Berlin, GER Tickets
04.01.17 The Lido Vancouver, BC Tickets
03.31.17 Gallery 1412 Seattle, WA Tickets
03.29.17 The Lovecraft Portland, OR Tickets
12.28.16 Rickshaw Stop San Francisco, CA Tickets
08.27.16 Wax n' Cats Oakland, CA Tickets
08.13.16 Black Lodge Los Angeles, CA Tickets
08.13.16 Dublab Los Angeles, CA Tickets
08.06.16 Gray Area San Francisco, CA Tickets
08.03.16 Fridman Gallery // Installation New York, NY Tickets
07.30.16 Radio Valencia San Francisco, CA Tickets
06.26.16 Vinyl Dreams San Francisco, CA Tickets
06.13.16 Underground SF San Francisco, CA Tickets
06.05.16 Psydust / Obsidian Olympia, WA Tickets
06.04.16 B12 / Obsidian Olympia, WA Tickets
06.03.16 The Castle Seattle, WA Tickets
05.29.16 Cafe Racer Seattle, WA Tickets
05.26.16 Secret Party Portland, OR Tickets
05.25.16 Lovecraft Portland, OR Tickets
05.22.16 Pyramid / Explorist San Francisco, CA Tickets
05.21.16 Oakland Secret Oakland, CA Tickets
05.12.16 KALX radio Berkley, CA Tickets

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Jacktone Records, 2016

"Easily compared to the complex spontaneity of early Pink Floyd and the u ncanny atmospherics of John Carpenter. A poignant collection of tracks."

Best Albums of 2016 List!
KALX, Jan 2017

"Darker [...] Beautifully composed, brilliantly minimal.
A masterclass i n careful sound design."

SF Weekly

"Cosmic ambient. Elements of dub, drone, modular pulsations and a cinematic vibe that suggests a narrative arc through the tape. Beautifully done!"
aQuarius recOrds

"12-track soundtrack of dark scenic landscapes and ambient noise that w ither and mummer in the Horizons Beneath The Surface. It's a slow burner."
That's Deck


Jacktone Records, 2015

Top 15 Bay-Area Albums of 2015!
"A work of quiet elegance that sounds breathtakingly mature for a debut release. Mystique Youth's magic lies in its immediate beauty; it is an eminently rewarding listen, full of delicate moments and heartbreakingly beautiful melodies."
SF Weekly

2015 Staff Pick!
"Sublimely serene and progressively dreamy, but with an alien mystery that feels as if everything we hold dear will soon change. If you dig Nils Frahm, Jamie XX, Vangelis or Edvard Artemiev you will find lots to love here. A stellar debut!"
aQuarius recOrds

"It's of the best ambient records I've heard in years."
SF Weekly / C.Z.